Africa: Urgent help for baby chimpanzees

Posted in 18/12/2022


The baby chimpanzee Niete, who is less than one year old, is one example among many other victims of wildlife hunters in Africa. Her parents and other adults in her group were probably murdered for her to be captured with the purpose of commercialization.

Niete was lucky and was rescued. Dehydrated, malnourished and traumatized, she arrived a few days ago at the Limbe Wildfire Centre, in Cameroon. She still needs a lot of care and support from caregivers 24 hours a day at the rehabilitation center, to overcome her traumas, get stronger, and one day be able to be reintroduced back into the forest.

African sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers face cases like Niete’s every day, unfortunately. And they always need financial help to continue their activities, which consist, besides caring for rescued animals, of education and awareness-raising activities to prevent more and more situations like these from happening.

To learn more about this kind of work done by organizations in Africa, visit the website of PASA, the Pan-African Sanctuary Alliance – On the site you can also see the ways to help with donations.