Africa: Severe storm wreaks havoc on chimpanzee sanctuary

Posted in 09/06/2023


From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Disaster can strike at any time and put the lives of endangered great apes and monkeys at risk. Severe storms damage chimpanzee enclosures, generators unexpectedly die and cut off the main water source, and deadly viruses attack. PASA’s emergency fund provides immediate relief to our members during times of crisis, ensuring the great apes and monkeys in their care remain safe.

After a series of emergencies at our members across Africa and giving a record amount of emergency funding since 2020, our emergency fund is dangerously low. Can you help keep primates safe when disaster hits?

Most recently, PASA provided emergency support after a storm raged through our member sanctuary Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue in Cameroon. High winds uprooted several trees, which fell and severely damaged multiple chimpanzee enclosures. Terrified, the chimps ran from the destruction into the surrounding forest.

The team at Sanaga-Yong mobilized immediately to find and return the chimps to safety. It was crucial to find the chimps before they approached nearby villages and created a dangerous situation. Thankfully, almost all the chimps have been returned safely and without complications. But Kanoa and Nyanga are still alone and at risk in the forest, so the search continues.

PASA’s emergency fund allowed Sanaga-Yong to repair the enclosures quickly and continue searching for the missing chimps. But this fund is now running perilously low.

Your support is crucial to fund life-saving search parties and repair enclosures like these. Check how you can support and donate to provide immediate disaster relief now and in the future.!/donation/checkout