Africa: Orphans Saved by Bonobo Sanctuary

Posted in 27/07/2020

t takes experienced sanctuary caretakers to give orphans the love, trust, and patience that they need to recover (Lola Ya Bonobo/PASA)

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

No one knows what happened to Pongo’s family, but the area where this tiny bonobo was found in the Democratic Republic of Congo is known for illegal hunting. She was all alone and in desperate need of expert care.

Investigators learned of sweet three-year-old Pongo when they were alerted about a man in illegal possession of a baby bonobo. They arrived prepared to make an arrest. According to the man, he found Pongo in the forest and tried to reunite her with her family, but they were nowhere to be found. We can only guess what horrible fate her loved ones might have suffered.

Can you imagine the heartache and fear little Pongo must have felt?

Pongo was swiftly brought to PASA member sanctuary Lola ya Bonobo for expert care and medical attention. After a visit with veterinarian Dr. Jonas, she was introduced to bonobo surrogate mother Mama Yvonne.

Soon, Pongo will join the other rescued bonobos in one of the sanctuary’s large forested enclosures. Someday, she might return to the wild where she belongs.

Pongo is just one of several orphaned bonobos recently brought to safety. Omandja came to Lola ya Bonobo in horrific condition, with swollen eyes and sores all over his body. Tiny Monkoto just arrived last week, looking like nothing but skin and bones.

Their caretakers are exhausted by the pandemic, and the sanctuary’s resources are strained… but they won’t give up on these animals.

With innocent lives on the line, we can’t afford to stop rescuing apes like Pongo and Monkoto – even during a global crisis. Check how you can help and support:

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