Africa: Far from COVID lockdowns bringing a lull to sanctuaries, even more primates need our help

Posted in 27/01/2021

Omandja (PASA)

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

The pandemic is exacerbating the complex causes driving the cruel illegal wildlife trade.

Poaching and selling monkeys and apes is a rampant international problem. PASA members are working around the clock to arrest smugglers, bring confiscated primates to sanctuaries, and stop poaching in national parks.


Omandja is a sweet three-year-old bonobo whose mother was likely killed by poachers. He was malnourished with a swollen face when he arrived at PASA member Lola ya Bonobo last May. Sores covered his body. We don’t know how long he had been left helpless and alone before the team at Lola saved his life.

Despite the trauma he endured, Omandja is cheerful when his veterinarian gives him nourishing food like bananas, making soft, squeaky vocalizations. He is adjusting to life at the sanctuary and starting to show a friendly personality. Now that Omandja has been receiving care for months, he loves playing games, especially jumping on the trampoline!

Though we will never know the tragic histories of many orphans rescued by PASA member sanctuaries, with you as our partner we can provide them with the expert rehabilitation they desperately need.

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