Africa/DRC: Updates on Doguy, the chimp with eye issues

Posted in 18/12/2018

Doguy (PASA)

From J.A.C.K. Sanctuary

Chimp Doguy, in addition to his annual health check, had to undergo the surgery to remove the cataract on his left eye. Many, many things for this young male to go through…

Unfortunately, two important events obliged J.A.C.K. to cancel/postpone the so expected eye operation!

First, one of the two South African veterinarians in charge of the surgery didn’t get his Visa to enter the DRC. All the forms and application documents had been sent in time but the veterinarian didn’t check there were too few pages left at the back of his passport. So, the Visa application was refused!!  At J.A.C.K. we were all extremely disappointed: we had been preparing this event for months (air tickets, accommodation, vet equipment for surgery, etc) and the vet hadn’t even had a look at his travel documents!!! So sad… Really, this was so depressing and discouraging!

Finally, a few days before the eye operation had to take place (November 22nd), Doguy became badly sick. He was stuck in his nest with high fever (39.9° C/ 103°F) Doguy had a severe infection the vets could define exactly but managed to treat. The chimpanzee was  in such a  bad condition he wouldn’t have had the cataract removal anyway!

It’s been 3 weeks now Doguy was so sick and we still keep an eye on him. Additional analysis are now being carried out. A new sedation is scheduled to draw some blood to test it again. 

As a result of these two events, the eye surgery has been postponed to February 2019. The two South African veterinarians wanted to fly over early January but we suggested them to schedule their journey to the end of February since our country will hold presidential elections on December 23rd and since we expect more violence to occur. Our beautiful country is unstable. Final results of votes will be announced on January 9th and we are convinced there will again be unrest and chaos. 

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