Africa: Disease outbreak strikes sanctuary. You can help save the life of chimpanzees

Posted in 09/04/2019


From PASA – Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

A deadly respiratory infection has swept through the chimpanzee social groups at Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a PASA member in Kenya. Within a week, almost every one of the sanctuary’s 39 rescued and orphaned chimpanzees became sick. It’s the worst disease outbreak the sanctuary has ever seen!

Ajabu, a sweet and enthusiastic female chimpanzee, died suddenly due to the infection. She was loved by her social group and sanctuary staff, and her passing is a tragedy felt by everyone. Fortunately her one-year-old infant, Jobo, has been adopted by other members of their chimp family.

Sweetwaters staff are doing everything they can to treat the chimps and contain the outbreak. But the sanctuary is quickly running out of critically needed medications and supplies.

Closely knit families are essential for chimpanzees to live happy and healthy lives. But this also makes these animals vulnerable to disease outbreaks. PASA member organizations are leaders in primate care and do everything possible to ensure the health of the animals they’ve rescued.

Please join with PASA to send medication and supplies to the sanctuary today — before it’s too late.

With your support, these chimps can recover and return to their sprawling enclosures along the Ewaso Ngiro River.

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