Posted in 07/10/2008



GAP Project (PGS, in Spanish) has launched in Spain an alert to all the citizens of Jerez da Frontera area and of cities on Andaluzia for them not to allow the installation of circuses with animals, specially one named Alaska, which uses several animals on its shows, including two chimpanzees.


The Director of GAP Project Spain, Pedro Pozas Terrados, declared to the Spanish press that the "circus that keep exotic or wild animals are torture and mistreating to animals schools. Every human being should avoid them, in order to put an end this useless practice. To go to a circus to enjoy a show that uses animals, no matter how graceful it is, is to contribute to the hell of pain and death that the animals are submitted."


And adds: "GAP Project supports the new bill proposal of the Circus Law that is being analyzed at the Deputies Chamber and that should be approved within a year. The use of animals in circus will then be considered an illegal action that should be punished."


According GAP Project Spain, it is not moral accepted that animals suffer to entertain humans and more and more countries are adapting their laws in order to ban animals circuses. The communiqué from GAP Spain quotes Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Costa Rica and Brazil as examples that should be followed. It also mentions that the city of Barcelona has a local rule against the presence of circus with animals in its territory.


GAP Project ends the communiqué asking for the citizens of Jerez da Frontera to do a boycott against Alaska Circus, which is established in the province, and to take their children to other activities, more educational and humanitarian.