A Gorilla Can’t Wear a Face Mask

Posted in 24/09/2020


From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Happy World Gorilla Day—a day to celebrate our fantastic, hairy relatives and the PASA member sanctuaries that care for them! We also want to celebrate you, since you’re an essential part of our global community working to protect gorillas.


Gorillas are genetically so close to humans that COVID-19 gravely threatens them too. That’s why sanctuary staff who care for orphaned and injured gorillas implemented new safety protocols. Gloves and masks prevent the transmission of coronavirus from people to gorillas. It’s up to our human team to keep our close relatives safe, because after all, a gorilla can’t wear a face mask!

Chickaboo was an orphaned baby gorilla who had little chance of survival after being caught in a poacher’s vicious steel trap. She was rescued by Ape Action Africa and socialized with young chimpanzees there. Now she is the leader of a juvenile group of gorillas. Though she once had no appetite, Chickaboo now regularly enjoys a favorite treat of corn on the cob. She makes sure no kernel goes to waste!

Tinu brushes herself with branches in the pouring rain, and rolls in the wet grass to enjoy a refreshing bath. It’s hard to believe she was stolen from the wild as an infant and illegally shipped to a zoo halfway around the world in Malaysia. After six long years of effort by PASA and the dedicated support of partners like you, she was finally returned to Africa and brought to Cameroon’s Limbe Wildlife Centre.

Mwambe was born in a zoo and never learned how to make a nest or climb a tree. She was rescued and rehabilitated by Parc de la Lékédi. You made it possible for her to travel by helicopter to Projet Protection des Gorilles where she was reintroduced to the wild and now lives on one million acres of protected habitat!

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