A big move

Posted in 19/07/2019

Chimpanzees Joe and Bo making their way through the aerial trailways to their new home. Below, Butch likes hanging out in his new hammock while Marco eats a head of lettuce (CGA)

From Center for Great Apes

With the recent arrival of chimpanzee Chloe, our elder chimp “grandpas” Joe and Bo moved from their quarantine habitat over to the new expanded chimpanzee area. They made their way through the aerial trailways (about ¼ of a mile) rather quickly amidst many pant-hoots (and a few long-calls from their orangutan neighbors). They were determined to check out their new space.

After living in their spacious nighthouse for a few weeks by themselves, Joe and Bo now have new roommates! Just last week, Marco, the oldest resident at the Center (60-years-old and one of the oldest male chimpanzees in captivity in the US), along with his friend Butch (46) made a similar trek through the trailways to the newest chimpanzee nighthouse.

Although all the older bachelor males are sharing a living space in the new nighthouse, they are still in separate groups for now. In the near future we will begin introductions among these males.

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