Dois Chimpanzés

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GAP Project is commonly asked about the possibility of visitation, volunteer work and internship in affiliated sanctuaries in Brazil and we always clarify that:

About visitation

GAP Project affiliated sanctuaries in Brazil are not open for public visitation. The purpose of their existence is to ensure the tranquility of the great apes and their welfare is the priority. In sanctuaries, great apes know that they can trust their keepers, and the people who have contact with them gain their trust day by day. Many chimpanzees living in sanctuaries have severe trauma and psychological distress, and are very stressed by the presence of people they do not know (and naturally do not trust), which can even lead to accidents.

In addition, under Brazilian Law sanctuaries are classified as maintainers of exotic fauna and in these do not allow public visitation, unlike a zoo. Regarding the press, we clarify that the entrance of the media is strictly controlled, with few people at a time and in restricted places, respecting the privacy and condition of each individual, very different from the permission of public visitation.

GAP Project has plans to set up a technical visit plan in partnership with sanctuaries for professionals in the area. Further information about this activity will be disclosed on our communication channels. Please stay tuned.

About internships and volunteer work

GAP Project affiliated sanctuaries in Brazil do not have a volunteer fieldwork program. In 2019, a first internship experience was made and plans are underway to establish agreements with Universities for new internships in the future. Further information will be disclosed on our communication channels.