Affiliated Sanctuaries

GAP Project Brazil has four affiliated sanctuaries that are home for 75 chimpanzees and one orangutan. All of them fulfill and offers more than the standards defined by Ibama (Brazilian Environmental Authority)  for great apes’ enclosures in captivity.  Day-to-day routine and experience showed that their needs go beyond the descriptions of the current Brazilian legislation.

The enclosures of the sanctuaries have an internal area with connection aisles and an external area with solariums, where the chimpanzees can play, run, socialize and exercise.

It’s important to point that the Brazilian sanctuaries are independent and privately owned institutions, which means that they are financially supported by their owning families. Being affiliated to GAP means that they are aligned with the project ideas and are partners in the promotion of the cause.

Get to know each sanctuary:

Sorocaba Sanctuary

santuario.sorocabaIt is the pioneer and the largest of the four sanctuaries. It is also the largest great apes sanctuary in Latin America.

Paraná Sanctuary

santuario.curitibaThe sanctuary is managed by Anami Conservationist Institute and is the most modern one.

Vargem Grande Paulista Sanctuary

santuario.vargem_grandeIts facilities include an internal area of 300m2 and a large external area for exercise and socialization. 

Ibiúna Sanctuary

santuario.ibiunaIt is the newest GAP Brazil affiliated sanctuary and it is home of two female chimpanzees rescued from a zoo.