Some Monkeys Entered The Stone Age More Than 3,000 Years Ago

Brazilian tool-using monkeys have not just been engaging in the practice for far longer than [...]

July 7, 2019 | Read more

In a first, chimpanzees seen smashing and eating tortoises

By Douglas Main (National Geographic) Tortoises’ thick shells protect them from most predators. But our [...]

June 24, 2019 | Read more

Chimpanzees in the wild reduced to ‘forest ghettos’

by Marlowe HOOD Paris (AFP) | All four sub-species of the African primate are threatened [...]

June 20, 2019 | Read more

What is magic without ape parts? Inside the illicit trade devastating Nigeria’s apes

Demand for ape body parts for spiritual purposes drives a complex and lucrative trade. BY [...]

June 19, 2019 | Read more

United States: A CA University poisoned seven baby monkeys to death

From NEAVS – New England Anti-Vivisection Society  They didn’t have a chance. Seven baby monkeys, [...]

June 18, 2019 | Read more

Happy 1st Anniversary, Joe & Bo!

From Center for Great Apes (CGA) One year ago, we picked up two senior male [...]

June 12, 2019 | Read more

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Historic meeting (2013)
August 29, 2013 was a historic day for GAP Project in Brazil and worldwide, with the visit of Peter Singer, one of GAP’s founder, to GAP Sanctuary in Sorocaba.
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