World declaration on great primates

declaracao-chimpanzeRight to life, to freedom and prohibition of torture are proposed by Great Ape Project as basic conditions to the relationship between humans and great primates. Read the content of the declaration on this page and give your support by signing the form at the end.

We propose the extension of rights allowance in an equally way to all great primates: human beings, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans. The principles that guide the relationship with great primates are:

1. Right to life

The lives of all great primates must be protected. The individuals can not be killed, with exception for extremely specific situations, such as self-defense.

2. Individual freedom protection

Great primates can not be deprived, in an arbitrary way, from their freedom. They have the right to live in their habitat. Great primates who live in captivity have the right to live with dignity, in large rooms, to have contact with others of their species to form families and must be protected from commercial exploitation.

3. Prohibition of torture

Intentional imposition of intense pain, physically or psychologically, to a great primate, with no reason or to other’s benefits, is considered a kind of torture and is an offense from which they must be protected.

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