The oldest chimpanzees living in captivity in the world die

Posted in 24/11/2017

Little Mama and Blossom

Two of the oldest chimpanzees living in captivity in the world died this month. On November 15th, Little Mama, who was actually the world’s oldest living chimpanzee, believed to have been in her late 70s, died at Lion Country Safari, in West Palm Beach, United States, surround by eight other chimps. She had spent nearly a half century living in South Florida.

Little Mama arrived in South Florida in 1967 after spending nearly three decades as a pet. The chimpanzee was visited by famed primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall in 1972 and she estimated her age (she must have been born in Africa around 1938).

On November 23rd, Blair Drummond Safari Park, in Scotland, announced the death of female Blossom, who was around 62 and considered to be the oldest chimpanzee in Europe. She had lived in the park for 45 years and passed away on November 11st. Blossom arrived at the Safari Park as an adult in 1972 and she was the matriarch of the chimpanzee group.

The causes of the deaths of the chimps were not informed.

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