The amazing story of Wounda, the chimp behind the hug with Dr. Jane Goodall

Posted in 11/01/2018

Wounda (JGI)

As Dr. Jane Goodall discovered nearly 60 years ago, chimpanzees are so like us; complex and intelligent beings sharing much of our emotions like fear, compassion, and love. When considering these traits, one chimpanzee in particular stands out: Her name is Wounda. You may have seen Wounda in the Jane Goodall Institute video depicting what Dr. Jane Goodall calls one of the most extraordinary moments of her entire life. This embrace was seen around the world, affecting us on a universal level. Though Jane had just met Wounda, it was clear to both Dr. Goodall and Wounda that we are all connected, and that love lives beyond language or species.

But Wounda’s story did not begin with her meeting of Dr. Goodall, and now there’s a new chapter to her incredible tale…

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