Stolen from their mothers

Posted in 26/08/2018

Photo credit: Amy Hanes, Ape Action Africa

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

No one knows how long little Chickaboo was trapped with a vicious wire snare around her hand, all alone in the forest. Can you imagine the panic this baby gorilla felt?

She was in terrible pain and starving when she arrived at Ape Action Africa, a PASA member sanctuary in Cameroon. Quiet and withdrawn, for days she barely touched any of the food offered to her.

The pain in her hand was more than she could take. She was desperate, and her rescue came just in time.

The snare was removed before Chickaboo’s hand was too damaged to be saved. The loving care she received at Ape Action Africa helped her survive a situation that kills countless other infant gorillas.

Over time, expert care from dedicated wildlife center staff enabled Chickaboo to relax, recover, and learn to love life again. Chickaboo has become confident and happy. She loves to play and has a great appetite. She is now the leader of her small group.

Chickaboo is thriving!

She is just one example of the miracles you make happen when you support PASA and our members.

PASA member sanctuaries make rescues possible by providing long-term care for confiscated great apes and monkeys. Without these wildlife centers, poaching and trafficking would often go unchecked.

A Journey from Fear to Family

Bo and Bella were only infants when their families were viciously slaughtered before their eyes. The poachers who orphaned them planned to sell them into the illegal wildlife trade.

PASA worked with our networks to bring Bo and Bella to their new home together at Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a PASA member sanctuary in Kenya. Your support and the tireless efforts of wildlife center staff made it possible for these two babies to have the lives they deserve.

Recovery stories like these would be impossible without the hard work of PASA members, and without your support.

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