She won’t let go of her sister

Posted in 31/07/2018

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Oumou and Nana cling desperately to each other. They are tiny babies who look like twins, but in fact, they’ve only just met. Fear and confusion overwhelm them as they hear cars whizzing by, men shouting at one another – confusing sights and smells that they’ve never experienced before.

All they have ever known is the comfort of holding onto their mother’s chest and the familiar smells of the forest. But home is nowhere in sight, and their mothers are dead – murdered before their eyes. 

They are being smuggled across the border of Guinea. These chimps have been swept up in a secret, underground trade of baby exotic animals. Their captor is a well-known wildlife trafficker who has evaded arrest and will sell them off to the highest bidder. These babies will be separated, and they may never see another chimp again. They will live the rest of their lives as prisoners in dark, metal cages. . .

Rescued just in time

They were taken to Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC), a PASA member sanctuary deep in the remote forests of Guinea.

Oumou (pronounced “Oo-moo”) is still traumatized by her violent capture from the forest. She hasn’t forgotten watching poachers slaughter her family. When people reach for her, she frantically hides behind Nana and holds onto her. Nana is very protective of her little “sister” and guards Oumou when she panics.

Oumou and Nana are just two of six orphans to arrive at the sanctuary since December. Most of them need to be fed bottles of milk four times every day. The sanctuary’s resources are overwhelmed by this flood of infant chimps, and the staff can barely keep up. Will you help them?

Just $40 will cover all of Oumou and Nana’s milk, vet treatment and food for ONE WEEK.

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