Orphaned gorilla saved from becoming food

Posted in 19/06/2018

Images from Ape Action Africa and Limbe Wildlife Centre.

From PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance

Dear friends,
I want to take a moment to thank you so much for your dedication to protecting great apes and monkeys across Africa. Because of your unbelievable support, PASA member wildlife centers have rescued dozens of orphaned animals since the start of this year.











Images from Ape Action Africa and Limbe Wildlife Centre.











Image from Vervet Monkey Foundation.

Each of these innocent animals has endured a world of pain, often witnessing their mothers killed to be butchered and eaten. Too small to be sold for meat, these orphans were tied up and caged, kept as novelty pets or sold on the black market.
Thanks to the support of compassionate people like you all over the world, these apes and monkeys are now receiving care, nourishing food, and veterinary treatment at PASA member sanctuaries.

By collaborating with law enforcement agencies to confiscate and rescue animals and arrest the traffickers, PASA members play a critical role in fighting the illegal wildlife trade.

Baby Gorilla Gets a Second Chance
Remember Bobga? Bobga, a baby gorilla, was tiny when his mother and family were slaughtered for meat as they tried to protect him. He seemed doomed to spend his remaining days as an illegal pet, without appropriate food or care.
Your support meant Bobga could be rescued! He was given a safe haven at Limbe Wildlife Centre, a PASA member in Cameroon, and every day Bobga is growing stronger. He loves to play and bond with his caregiver.
We even have a video of Bobga playing with a water tub for the first time! Click here to see this precious moment. Bobga is just one of the many lives you save when you donate to PASA and our member sanctuaries.

PASA donors save lives everyday – will you join our movement?

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