North American sanctuaries launches fundraising campaigns to support their work with rescued chimpanzees

Posted in 08/05/2018

Hannah (Center for Great Apes)

Save the Chimps and Center for Great Apes are great apes sanctuaries located in Florida, United States. They receive chimpanzees and orangutans rescued from several kind of mistreating situations which are still allowed in the country and do their best to care and provide high standard conditions for the captive animals. But they depend very much on donations to support the activities.

Recently Save the Chimps welcomed chimpanzees Tuffy and Tiffany and Center for Great Apes is now the home of three young chimpanzees – Hannah (17 years old), Kenny (13) and Bentley (9)  – who used to be “trained”  for rental use inTV and films shooting.

If you want to know more about the work of these sanctuaries and help with donations, check the links bellow for more information:

Save the Chimps

Center for Great Apes