GAP Project Spain/International requests the United States the immediate closure of Monkey Jungle Zoo, in Florida

Posted in 28/11/2017

(The Dodo)

GAP Project International reports the abuse and neglect of the animals at the Monkey Jungle Zoo, located in Miami-Dade, Florida, in the United States, especially the gorilla King, 48 years old, and the orangutan Mei, 32 years old.

The complaint made by Melaine Lustig, a caretaker who left the zoo horrified by the treatment given to these living beings, highlighted what is happening in many zoos around the world, which do not worry about the welfare of the animals, but for the business offered with their exposure to the public.

For GAP, this is a barbaric example of past centuries and is common yet in many zoos. All animals should be transferred to Sanctuaries, ending the continuous interchange between zoos, for pure commercial interest and reproduction. Each birth represents a new being in need, deprived of its most basic rights and condemned throughout life to suffer a daily torture that leads to serious psychological problems.

“Zoos like Monkey Jungle exist in other countries around the world. The time has come for these types of shows aimed at civil society to be definitely closed to the public at a global level.”

For GAP, which fights for the basic rights of the Great Primates, these species should be treated as World Heritage, with the approval of the Declaration of the Rights of Great Apes at the United Nations.

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