Cost of imprisoned primates

Posted in 05/01/2017

(Estado de SP newspaper)

The massacre and flight of human prisoners in Manaus prisons in the state of Amazonas, north of Brazil, has sparked a debate in Brazilian society about the cost of keeping human primates prisoners.

Due to the disparity of costs that we are going to display here, there is no doubt something strange exists in the calculation of maintenance of human and nonhuman primates prisoners.

Check the numbers:

Human prisioners Nonhuman prisioners
Amazonas prisons – USD 1777 man/month Sanctuaries affiliated to GAP Project in Brazil – USD 150 chimpanzee/month
Brazilian federal prisons – USD 1000 man/month North American torture centers sponsored by NIH (National Institute of Health) – USD 1680 chimpanzee/month
São Paulo prisons – USD 439 man/month  


This clearly shows that having human primates and nonhuman as prisoners is a big deal for many people, anywhere in the world.


Pedro A. Ynterian

General Secretary, GAP Project International