Animal advocate lawyer suffers car accident in Argentina

Posted in 17/09/2018

Pablo Buompadre

The Argentine lawyer Pablo Buompadre, well known for his defense in favor of animal rights, was the victim of a serious accident yesterday (16) on the Pan-American Highway, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He suffered cranial trauma and underwent risk surgery. According to information from the responsible medical team, he is in an induced coma and the condition is serious.

Buompadre is president of the respected Association of Animal Rights Officials and Lawyers (AFADA, in Spanish) and his performance was vital for the unprecedented recognition of the nonhuman rights of chimpanzee Cecilia and orangutan Sandra, after years of exploitation in zoos Cecília currently lives in the sanctuary of the GAP in Sorocaba (SP).

The lawyer’s work for AFADA gained great international prominence in 2014, after the organization launched various habeas corpus actions and requests for the transfer of Chimpanzee Toto, who lived in precarious conditions in the Argentine reserve of Arca de Enrimir. The delinquency of justice prevented the animal from enjoying his last days in freedom. Toto died alone in the same place where he spent more than 30 years in prison.

The AFADA published a note of regret on its Facebook page. “The members of the Association of Animal Rights Officials and Lawyers are waiting for his prompt recovery and are  unconditionally accompanying his family and friends at this difficult time. Dr. Pablo Buompadre is an excellent person and lawyer who fights every day for the protection of the rights of animals.”