2030 will be the fatal date? - July 23, 2014

Limbe Wildlife Centre

According to UN information released in June at a meeting in Nairobi, in 2030, 90% of the habitat of the great apes in Africa and 99% in Asia will no longer exist. The first consequence is that orangutans, gibbons and bonobos will be extinct in the wild, followed by gorillas and chimpanzees. The destruction of […]

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The example of Costa Rica - July 22, 2014


Zoos for what? Costa Rica is a small country in Central America; a single country in this world armed to the teeth, which has no army and has an abundant biodiversity. Costa Rica was important weeks ago, when the country showed that it is able to compete in the World Cup of Football equals with […]

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Another chimp from Lebanon is transferred to GAP Sanctuary in Brazil - July 11, 2014


07/11/2014: Charlie, a nine-year old chimpanzee who lived in a zoo in Lebanon, arrived today at GAP Sanctuary of Paraná, maintained by Anami Conservationist Institute, Charlie is the third chimpanzee who comes from Lebanon to Brazil – Omega and Bico went to the same sanctuary in 2011 and 2012 respectively – and, according to the […]

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How chinpanzees communicate - July 10, 2014


A recent work signed by several primatologists of University of St. Andrews, in UK, published in the journal Current Biology, shows how a group of free-living chimpanzees in the Budongo Forest, Uganda, developed a language of gestures, to communicate between them. Primatologists who carried out this work came to develop a dictionary of gestures that […]

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South Africa: Nikki and Amadeus are still in danger - July 8, 2014


The latest information coming from Eden Sanctuary, in South Africa, indicate that PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance sent a representative to inspect the site and know the details of the attack of chimpanzees to a handler, as well as avoid a possible euthanasia of those innocent chimpanzees . PASA sent a report to Jane […]

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Scientists Decode Meaning Of Chimpanzee Gestures For The First Time - July 7, 2014


Image: Chimpanzees enjoy the sun at Gut Aiderbichl’s Sanctuary for Traumatized Chimpanzees and Other Primates in Gaenserndorf, Austria, about 30 miles northeast of Vienna, Sept. 14, 2011. Reuters By Kukil Bora@KukilBoraon July 05 2014 3:32 AM Chimpanzees, the closest living relatives of humans, have their own way of communication, which includes various gestures. A team of scientists has […]

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The moral bankruptcy of the city of Belo Horizonte - July 2, 2014


The Municipality of Belo Horizonte city, in Brazil, has provided 42,000 dollars for the year 2014 to care for abandoned dogs and cats, estimated at 8,000 individuals in the city. Meanwhile the same Mayor, who recognizes that the city cannot even sustain a kennel to care for pets, spends millions to bring gorillas and other […]

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World Manifest: recognition of great apes as people - June 27, 2014


WE ALREADY HAVE 321 SIGNATURES SUPPORTING DECLARATION FOR NO HUMAN PERSONS TO GREAT PRIMATES, SIGN! The term “human beings” is often corrected, as it was a redundancy: all people are human. In fact, it is not so (since we have granted legal status to foundations or corporations, and for creationists there are divine persons), but […]

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22,000 great apes are killed or captured - June 27, 2014

Gorila Congo

Balance 2013: The numbers are terrifying. They show the destruction of the habitats of the largest wild species of the planet, in Africa and Asia, and the money illegal trade in wildlife and timber products generate. Between June 23 and 27, members of the UN Environmental First Assembly met in Nairobi, Africa, and the outlook […]

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A silent genocide advances - June 25, 2014


I wonder what makes us so afraid of our proximity to apes. Maybe we are afraid to stay in front of our animality. There are four great apes: chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans. Chimpanzees and bonobos are separated from us with only 1% of the genome. We can even exchange blood transfusions with them, respecting […]

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Belo Horizonte Zoo continues at the limit of irresponsability - June 24, 2014

girafa Zola de BH

We do not know how the Mayor of Belo Horizonte considers that its zoo is a good postcard of his management. The news that have been coming from there in the last few months are tragic and negative. The latest now is that the death of the giraffe Zola, confirmed on a report, was caused […]

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The intelligence of chimpanzees - June 18, 2014

A inteligência dos chimpanzés_320x180

Every day, more often, we reach information about the capacity and intelligence of chimpanzees to understand and solve problems posed in front of them, as humans do. In a latest discovery of Japanese scientists, working with a couple of chimpanzees and humans on the game developed in 1994 by Nobel Economics Prize John Nash, they […]

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A Universal Declaration of the Rights of Great Apes - June 13, 2014


Who looks more like a Human Person: Spanish bank Santander or a Chimp? This amazing and unusual question was asked at an event in the room Clara Campoamor , in the Chamber of Deputies of Spain last June, 8th . The challenge consisted in a manifest read by philosopher and poet Jorge Riechmann in front […]

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The sounds of the past - June 13, 2014

Peter family

The sounds come from different directions. A shrill sound of a chimpanzee and the response of others that denote fear. Others are more strident in many voices and of a very peculiar kind. In the night the sound are different:  the roar of many big cats. Toto, newcomer chimpanzee to GAP Sanctuary in Sorocaba, coming […]

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A hope to all “Totis” - June 11, 2014


An investigating judge of Río Negro, Argentina, Dr. Ruben D. Norry, on June9, facing the application of an Habeas Corpus in favor of chimpanzee Toti – who is captive in Bubalcó Zoo – agreed to send the request to a Court consisting of five judges, who must determine whether Toti is a non-human person and […]

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Goofy Zoo! - June 10, 2014


Sad, not to call it absurd and incompetent. Loro Parque is a large zoo in Spain, which cares little for the mental health of the animals that it hosts. As a proof of its incompetence, we will describe what happened days ago. According to the direction of the Zoo, some employees – without telling others […]

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Rescue in Leme: the anguish of a lion - June 5, 2014

Leão Chicão5_302x200

Two weeks ago, a team of GAP Sanctuary in Sorocaba ended with perfection a rescue in  Leme Zoo, countryside of São Paulo, which was being disabled. Two lionesses, named Isa and Salena, and chimpanzee Toto were anesthetized, placed in boxes and driven by our truck at their new destination. When the team returned, they phoned […]

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PETA alerts: stop experimenting on chimpanzees - May 29, 2014


Thirty-five years ago, a female chimpanzee—identified only as “4X0139″—was intentionally infected with the hepatitis B virus by experimenters. She was then infected with HIV, hepatitis C, and other illnesses and has been imprisoned in a laboratory for use in traumatic experiments in the decades since. Recently, in an experiment at the notorious Texas Biomedical Research Institute, she was injected […]

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The “lobby” of the torturers of chimpanzees - May 28, 2014


We knew they would not be silent and would invent some justification to return to defend the use of chimpanzees in biomedical research, which earned so much money, and still render, for the various laboratories and research centers in North America, which are amply compensated by the use of great apes in invasive tests. Peter […]

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Jack: 14 years of torture and loneliness - May 28, 2014


He was born in a experimentation laboratory, the Institute for Primate Studies in Norman , Oklahoma State , in November 1980. There lived his parents,, Vanessa and Ali, relatives of another notorious chimp – . Nim Chimpsky , who led to the documentary Project Nim, recently aired on TV. When he was still a baby, […]

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