Argentina will host International Conference on Animal Rights - August 26, 2014


Organization: Institute of Animal Law, College of Lawyers of San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina Date: September 8, 2014, 9:30 am Themes: Teaching Animal Law in Latin America Great Apes, their rights and their Habitat Conservation Legal Tools in Defense of “Non-Human Persons” Jurisprudence Exhibitors: Pedro Pozas Terrados – Spain (GAP Spain) Tagore Trajano de Almeida […]

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Brazil will host the 4th World Congress of Bioethics and Animal Rights - August 26, 2014


From August 27-30, the city of Brasilia will host a major event in the area of animal rights: the IV World Congress of Bioethics and Animal Rights, organized by the Animal Abolitionist Institute. The event has become a reference in the area and brings experts from Brazil and the world for discussions. This year, among […]

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Monti smiles again - August 21, 2014

monti agosto 2014 014_320x180

Two months ago, Alejandra Juarez, from GAP Argentina, and Vania Ynterian, from GAP Brazil, visited Monti for the first time. His reaction was fantastic, demonstrating that he is a chimp that can be perfectly restored into a sanctuary with his peers. They were more than an hour with him, took blankets and some goodies, things […]

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Roman: a warrior without hatred - August 20, 2014


His history goes back to the African jungle. He was born somewhere near 1966. He was hunted and his parents were possibly killed. One he appeared, in May 1975, at the Holloman Air Force Base, in the State of New Mexico. He was immediately placed in medical torture programs. In 22 years, he was anesthetized […]

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The desperation of loneliness - August 20, 2014

Chimpanzé Toto e Luiza4_302x200

I’ve seen reflected in the eyes of primates, humans and non-humans, most of all political prisoners with whom I lived some steps of my life. It was not just the physical loneliness of not having someone to share and even love, it was the loneliness of abandonment, the future, the rancor of their surroundings. Toto is one of them. When he arrived at the sanctuary weeks ago, we did not understand him. He sought isolation in the darkest […]

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Director of GAP Spain visits Brazil and Argentina - August 19, 2014

Pedro Pozas Terrados

The director of the GAP Project in Spain (known as Project Gran Simio), Pedro Pozas Terrados, author of the recently released book “Defenders of Equality – Freedom without chains, beyond genetics”, which recounts the struggle over the past 20 years for the great apes, will start a visit to Brazil and Argentina next September 5. […]

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The unexplained death of Robin Williams - August 19, 2014

Robin Williams and gorila Koko

A sensitive human being, after meeting another being even more sensitive, gorilla Koko. Watch this video:

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Monti: the oldest prisoner cries for freedom - August 12, 2014


Chimpanzee Monti is 45 years old. He spent all those years in the same prison, facing the audience, with no possibility of privacy or company. Monti is the oldest Argentine conscience prisoner because he is innocent of any wrongdoing. His only fault was born a nonhuman primate, and be used to entertain and amuse the […]

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Winter in the sanctuary - August 7, 2014

Bruna 1

It took more than ever, but now the cold of winter invaded GAP Great Ape Sanctuary in Sorocaba, and we had to resort to comforters, especially for those who like to sleep or staying a long time in their baskets outdoors. Here are some recent pictures of chimpanzees who sleep outdoors enjoying their new comforters. […]

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The power of youth - August 7, 2014

Visita Gustavo Petta e Gabriel Bitencourt13_302x200

Days ago Congressman Gustavo Petta visited us in GAP Sanctuary of Sorocaba. He was accompanied by Gabriel Bittencourt and his wife, who are close collaborators of our struggle for the rights of great apes and animals in general. Gustavo Petta was President of Brazilian National Union of Students and is militating in Environmentalist Parliamentary Front […]

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Brazilian councilman presents a bill to extinguish zoos - August 5, 2014

Olhar animal 02102014

Councilman Zander Fabio, from Goiania (middle centre of Brazil), presented at City Hall earlier today a bill calling for the total extinction of Goiania Zoo. In his assessment, the city can do history if the proposal is effective. Zander affirmed that animals have no quality of life in the zoo.”The model of the zoo is […]

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Who is responsible? - July 31, 2014

G1 PR Cascavel

  A new accident happened in a Brazilian Zoo, in a city called Cascavel. An 11 year old boy who had access easily to the cages of big cats ended causing a tiger, who hurt his arm, which later had to be amputated.   Who is responsible? The boy’s father was arrested for abandoning his […]

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In the heart of North America: a history of horror - July 31, 2014

Scotty 283

Scotty was born on October 21, 1982, from a female chimpanzee who had no name, she was the number CH-490; and from an unknown father. When he was two years old, he was immersed in a small cage hanging from the ceiling of a laboratory name Lemsip, in the State of New York, the heart […]

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Planet of the Apes: humanity shows its face - July 30, 2014

Puede la genetica llevarnos al apocalipsis

The theatre is full. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” develops captivating the attention of the ones present, especially children with parents and teenagers. Caesar, the chimpanzee who won the genetic barrier of speech, communicates with words and, hurt by the duplicity of human conduct, says “apes do not kill apes.” However, humans act […]

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2030 will be the fatal date? - July 23, 2014

Limbe Wildlife Centre

According to UN information released in June at a meeting in Nairobi, in 2030, 90% of the habitat of the great apes in Africa and 99% in Asia will no longer exist. The first consequence is that orangutans, gibbons and bonobos will be extinct in the wild, followed by gorillas and chimpanzees. The destruction of […]

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The example of Costa Rica - July 22, 2014


Zoos for what? Costa Rica is a small country in Central America; a single country in this world armed to the teeth, which has no army and has an abundant biodiversity. Costa Rica was important weeks ago, when the country showed that it is able to compete in the World Cup of Football equals with […]

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Another chimp from Lebanon is transferred to GAP Sanctuary in Brazil - July 11, 2014


07/11/2014: Charlie, a nine-year old chimpanzee who lived in a zoo in Lebanon, arrived today at GAP Sanctuary of Paraná, maintained by Anami Conservationist Institute, Charlie is the third chimpanzee who comes from Lebanon to Brazil – Omega and Bico went to the same sanctuary in 2011 and 2012 respectively – and, according to the […]

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How chimpanzees communicate - July 10, 2014


A recent work signed by several primatologists of University of St. Andrews, in UK, published in the journal Current Biology, shows how a group of free-living chimpanzees in the Budongo Forest, Uganda, developed a language of gestures, to communicate between them. Primatologists who carried out this work came to develop a dictionary of gestures that […]

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Sold into extinction: great apes betrayed by protectors - July 9, 2014


Commentary By: Daniel Special Reporting Assignment Fellow  In what appears to be corruption in high places, the international body charged with protecting endangered species has turned a blind eye to massive illegal trade of endangered Great Apes. This was my distinct impression on reading the Great Apes report prepared by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Secretariat for the […]

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South Africa: Nikki and Amadeus are still in danger - July 8, 2014


The latest information coming from Eden Sanctuary, in South Africa, indicate that PASA – Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance sent a representative to inspect the site and know the details of the attack of chimpanzees to a handler, as well as avoid a possible euthanasia of those innocent chimpanzees . PASA sent a report to Jane […]

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