A new study reveals that zoos are not educational for children - October 9, 2014


HARMFUL TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS Zoos try to hide the cruelty of captivity behind a mask of “education for conservation”. But a new study shows that learning is not usually the result. The information is from NGO PETA Latino. British sociologists gathered data from children between 7 and 15 years old, before and after visiting […]

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Zoos: Business desks - October 8, 2014

jirafa 9

Fifteen years ago, when I entered the world of non-human primates, I began to criticize the zoos, which until that time I had in high esteem. Private persons, circuses and commercial breeders used to make partnerships with public, the majority, and private zoos in Brazil. These partnerships led to delivery to zoos, or they sending […]

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Educational TV for monkeys - October 2, 2014

Fernando Reinach

By Fernando Reinach, Biologist (O Estado de SP newspaper) In Aldeia, countryside of Pernambuco state, in Brazil, British and Austrian scientists demonstrated for the first time that monkeys can be educated through television. I suppose you know how to peel a tangerine, but you remember how you learned? Most likely it was during your childhood, […]

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Animal models are no longer needed - October 1, 2014


The Nobel Prize in Medicine, Sydney Brenner, speaking on the 1st Forum of Tomorrow Medicine, held last weekend at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, dismissed the need to use animal models to study human diseases. An article of Valor newspaper highlighted: “According to Brenner, it will need to be produced a new generation […]

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Invasion of airspace - October 1, 2014

Invasão espaço aéreo

The area where the Great Ape Sanctuary is located in Sorocaba, near Castelo Branco highway, is also close to an area of ​​upscale condominiums, which generates considerable traffic of helicopters, especially on weekends, and this is beginning to disturb the animals who live there. In the last few weeks, helicopters, mainly, have been flying over […]

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We are similar even in our defects - September 25, 2014


Years ago, when I used to go with Guga’s group – five chimpanzees – in the woods of the sanctuary for two hours for them to play, I tried to teach them to collaborate in the work we had to do. We have a small river in the area, where they went to have fun. […]

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Indian Zoo: Tiger Kills Man Who Climbed Into Moat - September 23, 2014


By MUNEEZA NAQVI Associated Press A white tiger killed a young man who climbed over a fence at the New Delhi zoo and jumped into the animal’s enclosure Tuesday, a spokesman said. Despite repeated warnings that he shouldn’t get too close to the outdoor enclosure, the man eventually climbed over a knee-high fence, through some […]

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World Manifesto: recognition of great apes as non human persons - September 18, 2014


It is commom sense to affirm  that if you are talking about persons you are talking about humans.  In fact, it is not so, since we have granted legal status of personhood to foundations or corporations, and for creationists there are divine persons. We believe that it is time to fix this to great apes. […]

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Controversy in Argentina: do chimpanzees have rights? - September 17, 2014


As a repercussion of  the application of freedom for chimpanzees Toti and Monti, in Argentine zoos, and of the visit of Pedro Pozas Terrados, president of Gran Simio Project, of Spain, to the country, to give several lectures and be honored by the University of Cordoba, this controversy, which started a few months ago, has […]

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Toti incommunicado! - September 17, 2014


A few days ago, the representative of GAP project in Rio Negro, Argentina, Melina Mel Martinez, tried to visit chimpanzee Toti, who is kept in a cage at Bubalcó zoo in that locality, but she was forbidden to enter by the Administrator of the zoo. Milena has an annual pass, which is not cheap, and […]

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Argentina: Pedro Pozas Terrados , director of GAP Spain, was declared distinguished guest by Cordoba National University - September 12, 2014


During his visit to Argentina, Pedro Pozas Terrados, director of GAP Project Spain (PGS), was recognized as a militant in the fight for animal rights. Dr. Francisco Tamarit, dean of Cordoba National University (UNC), gave him, on September 11,  a diploma that declares he was a distinguished guest.. Terrados is the executive director of PGS, […]

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10 Ways These Historic Chimps Are Enjoying Retirement - September 10, 2014


August 18, 2014 by Michael Sharp They’ve already checked “road tripping through the South” off their retirement bucket list. Now they’re making their way through “trying out acrobatics” and “chowing down on a tropical treat.” Yes, for these 110 chimpanzees—the largest group of government-owned chimps ever sent to sanctuary—the golden years are off to a […]

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NIH: mistake or a trick? - September 2, 2014


NIH – United States National Health Institute – affirmed months ago that it had decided to retire all of its chimpanzees, but a strategic reserve of 50 individuals, for use in medical torture in emergency cases. But yet the promise “remains a promise” and 360 beings remain in the same torture centers where they have […]

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GAP Project participated in the World Congress of Bioethics and Animal Rights in Brasilia - September 2, 2014

IV Congresso de Bioética

From August 28-30, GAP Project participated in the 4th World Congress of Bioethics and Animal Rights, held at the University Center of the Federal District (UDF), in Brasília, Brazil. This edition, more than the previous ones, showed how the issue has gained importance in the legal environment. Besides the discussion of several important issues,  such […]

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Director of GAP Spain visits Brazil and Argentina - September 1, 2014

Pedro Pozas Terrados

The director of the GAP Project in Spain (known as Project Gran Simio), Pedro Pozas Terrados, author of the recently released book “Defenders of Equality – Freedom without chains, beyond genetics”, which recounts the struggle over the past 20 years for the great apes, will start a visit to Brazil and Argentina next September 5. […]

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Toti: a millionaire’s caprice - August 28, 2014


“I knew Toti two years ago, I met him at his home in Cordoba. I also know Alejandra Juarez and the work she has been doing as a representative of GAP Argentina. Last week, traveling to southern Argentina, I came to see the Toti, visiting him in his new home in Bubalcó. It saddens me […]

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Argentina will host International Conference on Animal Rights - August 26, 2014


Organization: Institute of Animal Law, College of Lawyers of San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina Date: September 8, 2014, 9:30 am Themes: Teaching Animal Law in Latin America Great Apes, their rights and their Habitat Conservation Legal Tools in Defense of “Non-Human Persons” Jurisprudence Exhibitors: Pedro Pozas Terrados – Spain (GAP Spain) Tagore Trajano de Almeida […]

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Brazil will host the 4th World Congress of Bioethics and Animal Rights - August 26, 2014


From August 27-30, the city of Brasilia will host a major event in the area of animal rights: the IV World Congress of Bioethics and Animal Rights, organized by the Animal Abolitionist Institute. The event has become a reference in the area and brings experts from Brazil and the world for discussions. This year, among […]

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Monti smiles again - August 21, 2014

monti agosto 2014 014_320x180

Two months ago, Alejandra Juarez, from GAP Argentina, and Vania Ynterian, from GAP Brazil, visited Monti for the first time. His reaction was fantastic, demonstrating that he is a chimp that can be perfectly restored into a sanctuary with his peers. They were more than an hour with him, took blankets and some goodies, things […]

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Roman: a warrior without hatred - August 20, 2014


His history goes back to the African jungle. He was born somewhere near 1966. He was hunted and his parents were possibly killed. One he appeared, in May 1975, at the Holloman Air Force Base, in the State of New Mexico. He was immediately placed in medical torture programs. In 22 years, he was anesthetized […]

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