What Steven Wise’s talk tells on the rights of chimpanzees - May 27, 2015

steven wise

US lawyer Steven Wise, president of the NGO Nonhuman Rights Project (NHRP), summed up in just less than 15 minutes the meaning behind the idea that chimpanzees are rather subjects of law and shall be regarded by the courts as people, not as objects. In a talk at TED event held in March this year […]

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2050: will chimpanzees exist? - May 25, 2015

Suzi e Cesar mini

In the wild certainly not. A few years before bonobos, gorillas and orangutans will also be extinct. They will also have gone from the nature the elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, hippos and most large terrestrial mammals. The natural habitat of these species has been devastated by human population growth. Consider that Africa, the continent where […]

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GAP Spain demands an end to the trading of chimpanzees among zoos - May 19, 2015


Great Ape Project Spain (PGS) has demanded an end to the trading of chimpanzees that is “frequently” carried by zoos because they affect the mental health of the great apes involved and has demanded explanations from Bioparc (at the city of Valencia) for having transferred all its chimps to other zoos and disintegrated a whole […]

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Supporting visit do GAP Mexico - May 18, 2015

Zoo San Juan Aragon MX (8)

Read the full report (in Spanish) of Pedro Pozas’s (president of GAP Spain) visit to GAP Mexico. The activities happened from April 20 to April 29. INFORME VISITA MÉXICO GAP INTERNACIONAL

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Adan is found dead - May 7, 2015

Eva y Adan-680x365

Chimpanzee Adan, who had fled days ago from Zoo-Safari Sa Coma, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, was found dead, possibly drowned, in the woods near the Safari. GAP Project asked the authorities a real investigation about his death, which is considered strange, and an autopsy, to settle the real cause of his death. A request for […]

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Proposal for closing the Zoo in Palma de Mallorca, Spain - May 6, 2015

Eva y Adan-680x365

GAP Project and other animal rights organizations have denounced the Zoo-Safari Sa Coma, which allowed the escape of two imprisoned chimpanzees  and the death of one of them. The hunt for the male Adan continues in the woods surrounding the Safari. An order requiring the Zoo closing is being made to the Spanish environmental authorities, […]

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Zoos owners should be held criminally liable - May 6, 2015


Organizations are presenting an application for criminal liability against the owners of the Zoo-Safari Sa Coma, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, for the murder of Eva, a female chimpanzee who escaped from this site recently. A wave of protests is happening in Europe due to this senseless action of the Zoo and maybe will prevent the […]

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Zoos in the anteroom of death: escape and death in Palma de Mallorca, Spain - May 5, 2015

Chimpance Safari Espanha

We received information that a Safari in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, notified yesterday the escape of two chimpanzees who lived trapped in small cubicles at the zoo. The order was to kill them, because the zoo is not prepared to do the chemical immobilization, such as any similar institution protocol. It is easier TO KILL […]

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Continuation of Pedro Pozas and Paulina Bermudéz’s activities in Mexico - April 28, 2015

Zoo San Juan Aragon MX (8)

Information in Spanish: PEDRO POZAS VISITA MEXICO 21 a 24 DE ABRIL 2015 PEDRO POZAS VISITA MEXICO 25-27 Y 28 DE ABRIL 2015 Related news: April 25 – Visit to San Juan de Arágon Zoo    April 27 – Antoher interview of Pedro Pozas to TV channel Green TV April 27 – Conference at […]

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The activities of Pedro Pozas and Paulina Bermúdez in Mexico - April 24, 2015

Pedro Pozas y Paulina Mexico (1) (Copy)

April 21st – Interview of Pedro Pozas to TV channel Green TV April 22nd – Interview to webnews site IZQ April 23rd – Visit to Chapultepec Zoo News reports (in Spanish)   # Related news: # Summary of Pedro Pozas’ (GAP Spain) visit to Mexico (In Spanish)

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Celebrate Earth Day 2015 - April 22, 2015

unnamed (1)

Today we honor Mother Earth and all of her beauty. Here are some of the ways we try to be green at Save the Chimps. We collect and reuse water bottles to occasionally give the chimpanzees juice and ices, a favorite, of course! We shred our paper and give it to the chimpanzees for nesting. […]

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First Habeas Corpus for chimpanzees in the US - April 22, 2015

2015-04-21 RTR2 XYAD mini

The month of April 2015 will be a milestone in the fight for the Rights of Great Apes in the world. For the first time in the judicial history of the United States, it was granted a Habeas Corpus to two chimpanzees who suffered the damage from captivity and torture of an Experience Centre at […]

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First Argentine primate is released - April 22, 2015

Felipe Argentina 2015 (4) (Copy)

On April 14, he reached the city of Cordoba, and was later transferred to the refuge of Caraya Project at La Cumbre. He was the first capuchin monkey that Argentina Justice granted a writ of amparo and his release from a cage at the zoo Rawson. This appeal, which is similar to a Habeas Corpus […]

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GAP Project in Mexico - April 16, 2015

Mexico 2015

In a joint work with the representation of GAP Project in Mexico, the director of GAP Spain, Pedro Pozas Terrados, will visit for a week, starting on April 21, the country. In an extensive schedule that includes meetings, conferences and visits, Pedro Pozas will be lecturing on the need to create a legal personality for […]

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A friend who has passed - April 15, 2015


For several hours, in silence, a group of chimpanzees, with dark aspect and sad look, circulates the body of dear friend who has just died unexpectedly struck by a heart attack. I have witnessed this kind of scene, each one with their differences, and it is amazing to see how chimpanzees respect their dead ones […]

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Solidarity among primates - March 26, 2015


Solidarity is a quality that every day more scarce in the human race, but among non-human primates it is a characteristic that marks the species. It is very common to see chimpanzees trying to heal the wounds or bruises on the other after fights, forgetting quickly the animosity. The relationship between human and non-human primates […]

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Disputing a tunnel - March 20, 2015

Billy e Bongo5 (Copy)

As we have mentioned before, we discovered that chimpanzees love tunnels and walkways; but some of them are so fanatic that dispute their use when they are shared. Bongo is a chimpanzee born in Angola who came from Portugal, where he lived with a family who saved him from death by rescuing him from Luanda […]

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GAP Project denounces captive of orangutans in Mexico - March 12, 2015

Zoo de Chapultepec en Mexico

Toto and Jambi are two orangutans living at Chapultepec Zoo, in Mexico City. Animal welfare organizations and GAP Mexico have denounced the situation and conditions of life in which these orangutans are, without access to sunlight and in depressive state. A petition with 6,500 signatures, collected in two weeks, led to the Mexican environmental authorities […]

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Family life - March 11, 2015

Casinha por onde a Samantha levou o César1_302x200

I arrived a little after dawn where Caesar was with his mother, Samantha, and his sister Sofia. I entered their enclosure and the family was at one of the two-storey houses, in the external area, on the roof. I asked to bring me Caesar, since I could not climb up there. Sofia carried Caesar in […]

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North-American drama: chimpanzees as objects - February 26, 2015

Chimp San Francisco Zoo

North- American television aired days ago a drama that takes place in San Francisco Zoo, which is a testament to how zoos consider their animals mere entertainment objects for the public, without any other commitment. At the Californian Zoo, three chimpanzees live for over 40 years: two females, Minnie and Maggie, 45 years old, and […]

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