Canoe, the Bangkok chimp, getting help form authorities - February 25, 2015


From Wildlife Friends of Thailand ( Finally a chance for change! On February 18th Edwin Wiek, founder of WFFT, was able to hand over 25,000 signatures of a petition on CHANGE.ORG to the director-general of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNP), under the ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE). Edwin spoke out […]

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Alex, a chimpanzee in love - February 18, 2015

Alex e Jamaica - 4_302x200

Alex is a different chimpanzee. Most of his life he lived in a circus, where he worked on all kinds of things, including the Death Globe, where chimpanzees ride motorcycles inside a mesh sphere, which can be deadly for men and primates. Alex is athletic, had to exercise to stay slim, and has no belly, […]

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Caesar returns to his world - February 13, 2015

Adaptação no recinto César e Susi2_302x200

Caesar, who is one year and two months old, is already back in his Chimpanzee World. A few days ago, we made the migration of the human world in which he was created all these months, under our care, since his mother, Samantha, did not manage to nurse him. Caesar is the most humane of […]

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Chimpanzees in the United States: Final Solution… Death - February 10, 2015


In June 2013, the direction of NIH – National Institute of Health announced with great marketing that it would retire the 310 chimpanzees living in various medical torture centers in the United States. Later, it affirmed that only 50 would be kept as a strategic reserve. But it’s been over a year and a half […]

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Monti: a new death foretold - February 4, 2015


Alejandra Juarez was leaving her Sanctuary in Cordoba to Santiago del Estero. News came hours before from GAP Project members who were observing chimpanzee Monti and they were worrying. The backhoes destroyed the Zoo around him, the animals were being removed. Monti, a 45-year-old chimpanzee, in his cramped prison of cement and iron, panicked. He […]

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Sandra must be transferred to North American Sanctuary - January 29, 2015


According to the latest information received, Sandra, a female orangutan who lives in Buenos Aires Zoo and managed to be released to be transferred to a sanctuary through a Habeas Corpus filed on her behalf, can go, in a few months, for Center for Great Apes Sanctuary. in Wauchula, Florida, USA, which has an orangutan […]

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Sandra released! - January 28, 2015


Information received suggest that the Judge of First Instance in Buenos Aires, who was analyzing the Habeas Corpus proposal on behalf of Sandra, female orangutan, welcomed the request and left the decision to send her to a sanctuary in charge of the Government of Buenos Aires Province, which owns the city’s Zoo. At the same […]

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Ebola has killed a third of gorillas and chimpanzees in the world - January 26, 2015


Among the gorillas, 95% of those infected eventually died. Among chimpanzees, the mortality rate is 77% The Ebola virus has made thousands of victims around the world in the current outbreak, which is the worst since the 1970s. However, it is not only the human being who is suffering the consequences of the fatal bleeding […]

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Zoos are also showcases - January 22, 2015

Venda e Exposição de Animais Proibidas

An extensive discussion has been happening in the last few days in Brazil due to a resolution of the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine, which prohibits pet exposure for sale in “PET Shops”, in cages or showcases.The public ends harassing the innocent beings, who have no idea why they are subjected to that torture. However, […]

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The hypocrisy of zoos - January 21, 2015


A chimpanzee with two popsicles, one in each hand: that’s what the press in Brazil has shown in pictures and videos as the resource for fighting the intense heat of the last few days in a Brazilian zoo. Those popsicles lasted some minutes before being devoured by the chimp, but terrible hours were waiting when […]

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Ireland May be the Next Country to Free Animals as ‘Non-Human’ Persons - January 19, 2015

Gorila Onegreenplanet

Last week, Argentina made headlines when they granted an orangutan, named Sandra, the status of “non-human person” and the freedom she needed to be moved out of the Buenos Aires Zoo. Sandra, a reportedly shy orangutan, was obviously unhappy with her living situation at the zoo. This went into the decision of granting her rights and […]

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Contrary history - January 7, 2015


The water parks of the United States are in crisis and possibly in a few more years they will disappear. Keeping dolphins, whales and aquatic animals in tanks is completely not acceptable in the XXI century. But … In Brazil, it seems that some people live in another “galaxy”. Water parks advertisements in various locations, […]

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GAP Project wish you a Happy New Year! - December 30, 2014

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54 years of a fallacy - December 29, 2014

Irmaos Castro e Obama

This time we will not speak of non-human primates, we will focus on humans. Since I have been involved with GAP Project, I avoid entering the Cuba issue, where I was born 75 years ago. Many journalists who have visited us in Sorocaba Sanctuary want to talk about the subject, but I go out, since […]

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The case of Sandra - December 29, 2014


In the last days of 2014, the case of Sandra, a female orangutan who lives at Buenos Aires Zoo, ran the world when her rights as Non-Human Person were recognized by an Argentine Court. We will try to explain the background and details of this case so that all everyone who is accompanying this fight […]

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UN/GRASP asks for Toti’s transfer - December 19, 2014


UN Great Apes Survival Partnership – GRASP is in favor for chimpanzee Toti’s transference to Brazil GRASP has sent a letter to Bubalcó Zoo, in Argentina, asking “kindly” to the zoo to transfer the chimpanzee to GAP Sorocaba Sanctuary, in Brazil. Source (in Spanish):  

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Mexico takes animals out of circuses - December 18, 2014


Mexico has been, until now, a major center of circuses operation with animals. Some chimpanzees that were created in Brazil were sold to Mexican circuses 15 years ago. Today the Mexican Congress passed a law banning the National Wildlife species in circuses, which awaits the Presidential sanction in the coming days. The law was passed […]

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Argentine zoo that lets visitors enter the cages can be closed - December 17, 2014


Imprisoned and sedated A private zoo near Buenos Aires, Luján zoo,  which allows visitors to enter the cages of the lions and tigers, can have its doors closed by the state government. The department of land affairs considers that allowing the entry of visitors is against a law that regulates zoos and explicitly prohibits direct […]

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Campaign to transfer Blackie is suspended - December 16, 2014


When the environmentalist and great contributor to GAP, Gabriel Bitencourt, talked to us weeks ago with the idea of a campaign for the transfer of chimpanzee Blackie from Sorocaba Zoo for the Great Primates Sanctuary of Sorocaba, we accept to be part of the initiative; however, we knew that the enemies of the animal welfare […]

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Caesar: the most human of all non-humans - December 10, 2014

César 1 ano-6_150x200

Caesar completed one year old on December 10th. Just like with his sisters, his mother, Samantha, did not breastfeed him and we had to raise him. This time was different, as Caesar,  during the day, was in the Sanctuary, in his enclosure, and in the afternoon and at night he went handler Meire’s home, who […]

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