Deconstruction of zoos - August 25, 2016


One of the world’s oldest Zoos, in Buenos Aires, located at the Palermo district, with 140 years of existence, will close its doors after a a political decision of the Province of Buenos Aires, which is its owner. The 1,500 animals living there will be spared public visitation and the constant stress of being displayed […]

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Buenos Aires zoo to close after 140 years: ‘Captivity is degrading’ - August 23, 2016


Buenos Aires has announced plans to close down its 140-year-old zoo, arguing that keeping wild animals in captivity and on display is degrading. Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta said that the zoo’s 2,500 animals will be gradually moved to nature reserves in Argentina which can provide a more suitable environment. The 44-acre zoo in the Palermo […]

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Toward Animal Personhood: Why They Need Legal Rights - July 25, 2016


By Steven M. Wise – to Foreign Affairs Every year, humans inflict tremendous suffering upon other animals. Humans hunt them by the millions, farm them by the billions, and fish them by the trillions. In circuses, zoos, rodeos, puppy mills, fur farms, factory farms, marine parks, and laboratories, humans routinely abuse and slaughter animals. They […]

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The dignity of Great Apes is inviolable - July 25, 2016


Interview: Peter Singer – Deutsche Welle (DW) Bantu, the gorilla who died in a zoo in the Mexican capital, was one of the last of the Mohicans. DW spoke with Australian philosopher Peter Singer, practice ethical philosopher, referring to animal rights. Bantu was the only male low-land gorilla, a species native to the African plains […]

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Milan Starostik: They will miss you - July 19, 2016

Milan e Anita Starostik

When, just over 6 months ago, I was writing the article “A tribute of chimpanzees,” I never thought that so soon I would have to speak again of that great man, who were among the few people in the world who knew how to love and fight for the great apes in much of his […]

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Orangutan flirts with freedom at the Kansas City Zoo - July 6, 2016

orangutans tll 052215 0595F

BY MATT CAMPBELL A female Bornean orangutan managed to get on top of the outdoor wall surrounding the ape exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo on Sunday afternoon. The animal quickly re-entered the exhibit and did not have contact with zoo visitors. The zoo activated a Code Red and instructed visitors to stay indoors until […]

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Rakker is 26 years old - June 30, 2016

Rakkers birthday mini (1)

Rakker and Simon (Sam) came from the Netherlands a decade ago. They were brought up together, but Rakker did not have the same luck that Sam as a baby. They were introduced to a group of adult males and females to be integrated. Sam was accepted but Rakker was very beaten, especially by female chimpanzees, […]

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Great Ape Project denounces a Spanish Royal Decree in the EU that opposes to CITES agreement - June 27, 2016


Great Ape Project has recently asked the European Parliament to repeal the Royal Decree 1333/2006 which regulates the destiny of animals who are seized in Spain, for the decree is considered to go against the international rules from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). In fact, according […]

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Zoos: Obsolete facilities from the XXI century - June 9, 2016


THE GUANTANAMO OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM by PEDRO POZAS TERRADOS Executive Director Proyecto Gran Simio (GAP Spain) / President, GAP Project International Great Ape Project International, which works with the aim of getting the great apes’ basic rights, the end of the captivity of non-human living beings and the closing of shows concerning cetaceans, jailed in bathtubs […]

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Why it was wrong to kill Harambe - June 6, 2016


Risk to a small child doesn’t immediately justify killing an innocent gorilla. Clive Phillips argues Cincinatti Zoo failed Harambe in choosing to kill him. The killing of Harambe the gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo this week has aroused public sentiment in a way reminiscent of the public outrage caused by the killing of Cecil the lion. […]

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The incompetence of a zoo - May 31, 2016

Harambe Reuters mini

The television news program of most audience on Brazilian TV, “Jornal Nacional”, made an unprecedented parenthesis in the disclosure of recorded political talks to release news that rarely is considered to be relevant. The 17-year-old gorilla Harambe, who lived in the Cincinnati Zoo, in the United States, was shot dead by guards at that anachronistic establishment when they were trying […]

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Will You Make Sure Bihati Gets the Medical Care She Needs? - May 23, 2016


Dear Primate Supporter, Bihati was saved from a failed sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo six years ago. Well-intentioned foreigners started a sanctuary for primates but ran out of money and simply left the country, leaving the animals in cages. Bihati and other chimpanzees and monkeys were found in filthy conditions without enough food […]

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We did not come from monkeys - May 19, 2016

Divulgação Google

Humans are relatives, not descendants of great apes. We have with them a common ancestor who lived in Africa about 7 million years ago By Reinaldo José Lopes (Super Interessante Magazine) If man is an evolution of the monkey, why there are still chimpanzees around? This is a very tricky question, it ends up confusing […]

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North American Universities as primate torture centers - May 18, 2016


The decision of New Iberia “Torture” Center, which belongs to the University of Louisiana at campus Lafayette (ULL), to transfer its 220 chimpanzees to a Sanctuary under construction in Georgia is the tip of iceberb, well hidden until recently, of the Primate Torture Industry in North American universities. Currently, the three university Torture Centers – […]

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Welcome GAP Project Uruguay - May 15, 2016

PGS Uruguay (2)

We offer our welcome to GAP Project Uruguay. You arrived in good time, to walk together for the Rights of Great Apes, the protection of their habitats and against zoos and circuses with animals, including water parks. We will give all the support to your work and be aware that the international direction and the representatives of GAP in different countries […]

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GAP Project Germany joins International Campaign - May 15, 2016

GAP Denmark

Great Ape Project Germany, which maintains contact with GAP International and GAP Spain, joined the International Campaign for UNESCO to declare the great apes as Living World Heritage. GAP Germany is conducting a series of contacts with the German Green Party and the animalistic and ecological associations of the country, to support this initiative and […]

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New Web Tool Facilitates Joint Efforts to Protect Great Apes and Fight Climate Change - May 11, 2016


A web-based tool that superimposes maps of valuable underground carbon stocks with great ape distribution in Africa and Asia – thereby making the strongest possible argument for protecting both – was launched in April in Monrovia, Liberia, by the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) and the United Nations Collaborative Programme for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation […]

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GAP renews its board and continues to fight for basic rights of Great Apes - May 3, 2016

Paulina Bermudez y Pedro Pozas mini MX

Due to the need to strengthen the work in Europe, where the Great Ape Project is requesting signatures and support to UNESCO to recognize Great Apes as World Living Heritage, the board of directors of the organization, which has been fighting, for 17 years, to achieve the basic rights of great apes and their habitat […]

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Project GAP changes board of directors - April 27, 2016

Paulina Bermúdez y Pedro Pozas mini

In order to strengthen the work in Europe, where GAP has requested  UNESCO to declare the Great Apes as World Living Heritage, Pedro Pozas Terrados assumes the Presidency of GAP Project International and Paulina Bermúdez, GAP’s representative in Mexico, the Vice -presidency. I will continue to integrate the Board, as General Secretary, since the production of the site is based in […]

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Sanctuaries or showbiz: what’s the future of zoos? - April 18, 2016


While most zoos in the US and Europe have moved away from cramped cages the tension between displaying captive animals and a scientific purpose persists. By Oliver Milman, The Guardian It hasn’t been a great month for zoos and aquariums. Seaworld finally bowed to pressure to end its captive orca breeding program, three US zoos were […]

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