Visitors are injured in Belo Horizonte Zoo - April 23, 2014

Zoo de BH

“THE STONE WAS NOT A JOKE, IT WAS A PROTEST” What a chimpanzee subjected to days , months and years of imprisonment in a tiny space and harassed by a public who verbally assaults and even throws cans and other objects, can do ? A chimpanzee at Belo Horizonte Zoo, in Brazil,l did all he […]

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Virunga - April 16, 2014

Screenshot 2014-04-07 20.45.04

In this April 17, the documentary Virunga will be displayed in a World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival. Virunga Park is home to the last mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, fighting to not be banned from the map by the exploitation of natural resources of those lush farmlands. Arcus Foundation and […]

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Demonstrations for Toti in Argentina cover the whole country - April 15, 2014


Toti has turned into a chimpanzee known throughout Argentina. Due to the mobilization of Alejandra Juarez, representative of GAP Project, and her extensive group of collaborators, on the 11th of April, as the photos and videos show, the case of Toti covered the entire country. In Rio Negro Zoo itself, where Toti is incarcerated against […]

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The fight continues for Toti - April 10, 2014


Alejandra Juarez, GAP representative in Argentina, forwarded this message on the eve of great events to request the shuttle of chimpanzee Toti to a Sanctuary in Brazil. “To all who follow us by Toti: I know we have multiplicity of ideas and beliefs. But I know that deep in our hearts we feel the same. […]

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Charlie, the last chimpanzee in Lebanon - April 10, 2014

Charlie Libano

The fight lasted nine years. On Saturday, April 5, the Lebanon court ordered the confiscation of chimpanzee Charlie from a zoo and his delivery to the NGO Animals Lebanon, which has rescued some other primates and sent them to GAP Sanctuary in Paraná, Brazil. Charlie is 9 years old, was smuggled from Africa to Lebanon […]

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Trickery comes from a long time ago… - April 9, 2014

Emílio (2)

Many wonder about the origins of the Brazilian attitude “take advantage”. It is not exclusive to our people, as long as many other people in other countries also practice it. If we try to return to the past, maybe we will face that the origin comes from a few million years ago with the birth […]

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Seaworld drugs its whales - April 4, 2014


The article of ANDA that we reproduce below proves that whales from SeaWorld , and quite possibly of all water parks, including Loro Parque in Spain, are doped with Valium and other benzodiazepines , to keep them calm, so they do not harm themselves and the keepers. In the explanation of SeaWorld admitting the use, […]

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Mountain gorillas are in danger - April 2, 2014


Virunga National Park is one of the last areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo protected of the ambition of timber, oil, mining and expansion of palm oil production. At the park, a group of Mountain Gorillas still survives, surrounded by enemies and deforestation which are only a few miles of them. Now, the end […]

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Zoo for what? - April 1, 2014

Bugio Ibiuna (3)

OUR FAUNA IS ABANDONED On Friday, March 28, a team of the local Environmental Police went to Sorocaba Sanctuary with a wounded Howler Monkey. He had been rescued by some citizens and taken to a clinic for dogs, which gave first aid but were unable to keep him. Police called the Zoo of the city, […]

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Toti: appeals and demonstrations - March 27, 2014


The campaign for the return of chimpanzee Toti to Cordoba Zoo and a subsequent transference to a GAP sanctuary in Brazil remains intensely . A new feature is being presented to the Federal Court this week given the lack of the Municipality of Cordoba decision, which was triggered to ask the return of the chimpanzee […]

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American parks have no more shows with primates - March 27, 2014


Victory The last parks of the United States that continued to force orangutans to act on stage – Universal Studios of Hollywood and Orlando – officially retired the primates of all their shows with “animal actors”. Since 2009, NGO PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) advocates for the parks to stop using apes […]

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An amazing recovery - March 26, 2014


It was a Saturday in March, usually a quieter day at the Sanctuary. However, early  in the morning, chimpanzees more attuned to the routine sensed that the day would be different. Chimpanzee Pinho (Felipinho) would be operated. A multidisciplinary team of human and veterinary doctors was prepared for this mission. Pinho was already isolated in […]

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Charlie: lonely chimpanzee in a dilapidated zoo - March 25, 2014


See the images of a program called “Gabriel O Ecológico” (in Spanish) about the situation of chimpanzee Charlie and Mendoza zoo, in Argentina, which are in a very bad conservation state.   Dr. Pedro Ynterian President, GAP Project International

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Cross River gorillas: less than 230 in the wild - March 20, 2014

nyango cross river gorilla - LWC_267x200

GAP Project Spain launched a worldwide warning of the imminent danger of the disappearance of the Cross River gorilla subspecies. It is estimated that there are less than 230 individuals in the wild on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon and that they may no longer exist in Nature. Limbe Sanctuary ( Limbe Wildlife Center […]

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Toti and the wind - March 19, 2014

Toti (2)

If there is something that really scares chimpanzees is the wind, a component of nature that make them to tremble in fear. When we were in the woods with Guga’s group and the wind began to blow, they came and stood around us or the handlers in order to seek refuge and were quietly waiting […]

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Brent , a different painter - March 18, 2014


At the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  it is one of the paintings by Brent, a 38-year old chimpanzee, resident, until days ago, of Chimp Haven Sanctuary, in Louisiania. Brent arrived at the sanctuary in 2006. For most of his life he lived alone, apparently in a family home. His integration with other […]

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Diagnosis of Zoos and Aquariums in Argentina - March 18, 2014


CAN BE EXTENDED TO BRAZIL AND LATIN AMERICA This report was prepared Argentine environmentalist Claudio Bertonatti, along with Fidel Baschetto and Carlos Fernandez Balboa in 2014 and presented for consideration of the public and the Argentine authorities by Natural History Foundation “Félix de Azara”. In Brazil, a similar debate is opened, and at the level […]

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The exchange - March 18, 2014

2014-03-17- Tião com tênis_228x200

We do not know what leads to this preference and the reason why some individuals develop it, but the love for tennis shoes is something that some chimpanzees manifest all the time. Guga, Noel, Carlos, Tião, Claudio, Emilio and Luke, they all want to have a shoe with them, but I think Guga is the […]

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More 18 chimpanzees are retired - March 13, 2014


Last month, 18 chimpanzees from the center of medical torture – New Iberia Research Center (NIRC ) – arrived at Chimp Haven Sanctuary. From the 110 who are planned to go to the Sanctuary, 68 already enjoy a life free of torture. Through a work of the Organization NEAVS, it was possible to manage that […]

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Captive orcas: half of them die in four years - March 13, 2014


A female orca can live for 90 years in the ocean. In an aquatic park, half of the orcas die in four years. 91% of the orcas caught in the wild since 1961 have died. Help to ban this massacre and to avoid that the aquatic parks continue to torture and kill animas. Sign the […]

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