UN/GRASP asks for Toti’s transfer - December 19, 2014


UN Great Apes Survival Partnership – GRASP is in favor for chimpanzee Toti’s transference to Brazil GRASP has sent a letter to Bubalcó Zoo, in Argentina, asking “kindly” to the zoo to transfer the chimpanzee to GAP Sorocaba Sanctuary, in Brazil. Source (in Spanish):  

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Mexico takes animals out of circuses - December 18, 2014


Mexico has been, until now, a major center of circuses operation with animals. Some chimpanzees that were created in Brazil were sold to Mexican circuses 15 years ago. Today the Mexican Congress passed a law banning the National Wildlife species in circuses, which awaits the Presidential sanction in the coming days. The law was passed […]

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Campaign to transfer Blackie is suspended - December 16, 2014


When the environmentalist and great contributor to GAP, Gabriel Bitencourt, talked to us weeks ago with the idea of a campaign for the transfer of chimpanzee Blackie from Sorocaba Zoo for the Great Primates Sanctuary of Sorocaba, we accept to be part of the initiative; however, we knew that the enemies of the animal welfare […]

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Caesar: the most human of all non-humans - December 10, 2014

César 1 ano-6_150x200

Caesar completed one year old on December 10th. Just like with his sisters, his mother, Samantha, did not breastfeed him and we had to raise him. This time was different, as Caesar,  during the day, was in the Sanctuary, in his enclosure, and in the afternoon and at night he went handler Meire’s home, who […]

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The American utopia - December 9, 2014


When we started to work with GAP Project, more than one decade ago, we asked the project lawyers why they did not enter with a declaratory order in the Supreme Court of the United States prompting the basic rights of great apes and their recognition as No-Human persons. The frustrating answer was that the American […]

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Unnamed chimpanzee, isolated and under the sun - December 4, 2014

Chimpanzé Zoo Dois Irmaos

Not only in Sorocaba, São Paulo state, there is a case of a chimpanzee who lives in isolation for years and suffering with the harassment of the public. In Recife, capital of Pernambuco state, northeast of Brazil, there is a more dramatic case at Zoo “Dois Irmãos”. There is another male chimp, unnamed, isolated and […]

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Manifesto signed by 500 personalities is released - December 2, 2014


CHIMPS DECLARED AS NON HUMAN PERSONS Gran Simian Project (Spain) and GAP are releasing the World Manifesto for the recognition of great apes as nonhuman persons 2014 and request that the European Community accepts this new concept, condemning the torture of chimpanzees in Germany and the lack of a common standard requiring all members of […]

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U.S. Department of Agriculture allows animal torture - November 27, 2014


The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has the task, among others, to enforce the Animal Welfare Act, which ensures that the animals are well treated, at any branch where they are, are not tortured, have proper veterinary care and sufficient food. That’s the theory, but in practice USDA does not meet often its function and […]

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UN asks for Blackie’s transfer to GAP Sanctuary - November 25, 2014


GAP Project  received a letter (PDF bellow)  from UN/GRASP – Great Ape Survival Partnership addressed to the Mayor ot Sorocaba city,  Antonio Carlos Pannunzio, asking for the transfer of chimpanzee Blackie, who lives at the city zoo, to Sorocaba Sanctuary, affiliated to GAP. Doug Cress, GRASP Programme Coordinator, wrote: ” GRASP is committed to ensuring the […]

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Chimpanzees ‘read’ magazines and enjoy retirement in Sorocaba - November 25, 2014


Publications on celebrities are preferred by the great apes. Sanctuary is home to several species of apes, monkeys, lions and bears. by Geraldo Jr. (G1) Original text (in Portuguese): In this link you can check a video and a photo gallery of the chimpanzees in the sanctuary. Every morning, just after waking up, Guga […]

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UN/GRASP supports Blackie’s transfer to Sanctuary - November 19, 2014


UN/ GRASP – Great Ape Survival Partnership facebook page published its support to the tansfer of chimpanzee Blackie from Sorocaba zoo to the GAP Sanctuary in the same city. The Sanctuary is only 20 km far away from the zoo and there Blackie will be able to live with other 54 chimpanzees, in an environment […]

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Blackie and his astral hell: Write to the Sorocaba Mayor asking for his transfer to GAP Sanctuary - November 19, 2014

Caco y Blackie

Chimpanzee Blackie does not deserve what life has been offering him. Lonely in a small enclosure in Sorocaba Zoo, he has to endure day after day the astral hell that means the presence of hundreds of people, especially on holidays and weekends, who harass him with their cries, mess and provocations. Days ago someone showed […]

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Will we let Ebola kill them? They need our help! - November 13, 2014

Video Tacugama

Watch a video of a group of baby chimpanzees at Tacugama Sanctuary:

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Another tragedy announced - November 12, 2014

Kabibe with her grandmother AP San Francisco Zoo 2014

In San Francisco Zoo, a 15-month female baby gorilla, called Kabibe, died after being pressed by a hydraulic door that was being closed to hold the entire family of gorillas in the dorms. This is a common practice, as reported by us numerous times. All zoos in the world tend to lock,  up for 15-16 […]

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Nearly 50-year-old chimpanzee Blackie chimp will finally live together with his peers; transference to GAP Sanctuary depends only on the approval of the Mayor of Sorocaba - November 11, 2014


From what is known of his history, Blackie and three other chimpanzees were “artistic” figures in Tihany Circus, in Brazil. Rescued by the environmental police, he went to Ribeirão Preto  zoo and, due to a treatment for a scorpion sting, he was transferred to the zoo “Quinzinho de Barros” in Sorocaba, São Paulo state. Blackie […]

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Another invader helicopter - November 5, 2014

helicóptero PR-VDN 429_302x200

Sundays between 10 and 10:30am, this helicopter photographed here stresses the lives of 300 beings, who live living quietly and smoothly in the Sanctuary of the Great Apes and Felines of Sorocaba. Last Sunday, I was with Guga and Emilio on the grounds of “Soccer Camp” and the noise ended angering both, as the helicopter […]

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Monti being evaluated - November 5, 2014


At the request of Judge Alarcon Dario, of the city of Santiago del Estero, Argentina, a group of biologists, veterinarians and human doctors visited chimpanzee Monti in the last 48 hours to assess his situation and recommend or not his transfer to a sanctuary in Brazil. The biologist, Dr. Ivana Rodriguez, from Universidad Nacional de […]

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GRASP launches free APP about great apes - November 4, 2014


GRASP – Great Apes Survival Partnership, an alliance of national governments, conservation organizations, wildlife treaties and UN agencies, led by UNEP and UNESCO, which aims to lift the threat of imiment or medium term extinction faced by the four non human great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, bononos and orangotanis) has launched an free APP about great primates, […]

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GRASP highlights rescue of animals from Brazilian zoo - October 31, 2014

Maria e Martin_302x200

 GRASP – Great Apes Survival Partnership, an alliance of national governments, conservation organizations, wildlife treaties and UN agencies, led by UNEP and UNESCO, which aims to lift the threat of imiment or medium term extinction faced by the four non human great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, bononos and orangotanis) highlighted on its facebook page last October […]

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Chimps in Sierra Leon Need Help in the Wake of Ebola Outbreak - October 30, 2014


When the outbreak first began there was much discussion about how the virus can be fostered in animals and transferred to humans through the consumption of bushmeat. But what about the animals who have come into contact with the disease through their human caretakers – or even the animals that have lost their guardians to this […]

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