Baron cannot go back to a cage - February 3, 2016

Ngamba Island (5)

This gentle and cheerful chimpanzee is again in danger of returning to a cage, as he has lived for years when used to be negotiated by a Ugandan dealer that neither gave him nutritious food. A rescue team of Ngamba Island Sanctuary had to ask for help from the police to release Baron of his […]

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The death of a solitary - January 20, 2016


We found him in the wagon of a traveling circus in a small town in Minas Gerais state in the company of a big black bear, with whom he shared that improvised home. His name was Bob. We brought him with his friend bear to the Great Apes Sanctuary of Sorocaba. On the first day […]

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The cleverness of a baby chimpanzee - January 12, 2016

Adaptação no recinto César e Susi2_302x200

In the heavy rains in Sorocaba area in the last few days, the Great Ape Sanctuary had its share. There were floods in the lakes and the great amount of water ran to the small river where they flow, becoming a heavy torrent. Thirteen years ago, we took Guga’s group, babies at the time, to this river to […]

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African sanctuary flooded - December 29, 2015


The floods that affect South America, especially this year, due to “El Niño” is also affecting Africa. Heavy rains are flooding large African areas and in recent days the Sanctuary of Ngamba Island, which hosts 48 chimpanzees in Uganda, also went into crisis. PASA – Pan-African Sanctuaries Alliance  had to help this sanctuary, since the facilities […]

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The hunt for bears: Terrorism in Florida - December 23, 2015


Almost 4000 hunters – 3779 – bought the license of the State of Florida put in sale between September and October to hunt 320 black bears, which for 21 years have been protected from murderous rage hunters – who seem more terrorists than anything else. Weeks before the “D” day to hunt bears, a large […]

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Chimpanzees: North-American drama - December 22, 2015


After the determination of NIH – US National Health Institute – of retiring all chimpanzees who belong to it and are distributed in various institutions of biomedical research, which were torture centers for these unfortunate for over 50 years, a dilemma is being openly debated, typical of an extreme capitalist country. At the Faculty of […]

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GAP Project wish you a Merry Christmas! - December 16, 2015

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The delicacy of chimpanzees - December 16, 2015

Dr. Pedro  com César e Jimmy 2015

One thing I have learned in my 15 years living with chimpanzees is to enjoy the delicacy they have when dealing with their similar or with humans that they trust. Through movies, testimonials, stories and even statements of primatologists who have never had the good fortune to live with these primates, it has been widespread […]

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PASA: rescuing chimpanzees and great apes - December 15, 2015


PASA – Pan African Sanctuary Alliance – today has 22 member sanctuaries and rescue centers in 13 African countries. For over 15 years, these NGOs have rescued great apes, who were in danger of death or of being smuggled to China or Arab countries, which would keep them in bad structured or private collectors hands. […]

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The last 50 tortured - November 25, 2015


Last week, NIH – US National Institute of Health announced that the last 50 chimpanzees who were chosen absurdly by the Institute as a strategic reserve, in case they had to use them in biomedical experiments, were also being released and will not be used anymore. For decades, NIH encouraged medical torture experiments in great […]

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GAP Chile: “Put yourself in the place of Sandai” - November 24, 2015

Libertad para Sandai

On Saturday, November 21, we completed our first intervention in central Santiago (Ahumada Park), called “Put yourself in the place of Sandai”. More than two dozen activists participated displaying a picture with half of Sandai’s face, covering their own faces. In this way it was represented that we put ourselves in his place, that we […]

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Peter Singer supports campaign “Great Apes – Living World Heritage” - November 18, 2015


Philosopher Peter Singer, one of the founders of GAP Project and considered the father of the movement for the defense of animal rights, has signed the letter of adhesion to the campaign Great Apes – Living World Heritage, advocated by GAP with Unesco. He recorded a video explaining  the reason for the support and the […]

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The wild chimpanzee who cared for her child with disability - November 17, 2015


By Melissa Hogenboom/ BBC Earth In the first case of its kind, a female chimpanzee has been observed caring for an infant with severe disabilities in the wild. The young chimpanzee was discovered in Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania. Known as XT11, she lived for 23 months. She was the sixth child of her […]

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GAP Project Spain / International launches campaign “Great Apes – Living World Heritage” - November 11, 2015


November, 11, 2015: Anyone who believes that the four species of great non-human primates – chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos – help to tell the story of humanity and hold intelligence and sensitivity that justify that their basic rights are respected can help, with a click, to officially recognize these animals as Living World Heritage. […]

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62% of North-Americans are in favor of Animal’s Rights - November 11, 2015

SeaWorld mini

In 2008, according to Gallup agency, 25% of North-Americans believed that animals should have the same rights as humans. In 2015, one-third comes to believe in this. In addition, 62% of North-Americans now also believe that animals should have some legal protection, that they should be  free from  people abuse and exploitation, but without getting […]

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A tribute of chimpanzees - November 3, 2015

Milan e Anita Starostik

If there is someone chimpanzees in Brazil should make a tribute for by the struggle for their survival and living conditions, this is Milan Starostik. Over the past 15 years with Milan, a citizen of Czech origin, who set up at Parana, south of Brazil, a powerful industrial group – Cia Providence, we had the […]

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Thousands of “Sandras” in the world thanks - October 26, 2015


For the first time in the world, a judicial system, in this case the Argentine, recognizes loud and clear that a great primate, Sandra, a female orangutan who lives in Buenos Aires Zoo, is a non-human person and has inalienable rights that must be respected.  That was the sentence of Judge Dr. Elena Libertori , […]

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Stand With Us for Abandoned Chimps - October 20, 2015

humane society of the usa

Oct 15, 2015: Today, we are rallying outside the New York Blood Center’s headquarters in New York City with many other animal advocates. We have gathered together to call on NYBC to reinstate funding to care for more than 60 chimpanzees that the Center abandoned in Liberia. After decades of research and testing, these animals […]

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Emory University: bad example - October 15, 2015

Photo N. Megna LPAG

If the American society does not mobilize until November 16, Emory University will send six females and two males chimps into a fifth category Zoo in England. After exploring them throughout life, now that they cannot continue torturing them, they intend to send them to an unknown destination, regardless of the reaction of the defenders […]

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A hundred dollars for a bear - October 15, 2015


Despite protests since its ban in 1994, next week the State of Florida will allow 1900 hunters to compete for a black bear for two days. To have this absurd opportunity to kill a bear, if you are a resident hunter in Florida will pay $ 100; if you are from out of state, $ […]

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