North American Universities as primate torture centers - May 18, 2016


The decision of New Iberia “Torture” Center, which belongs to the University of Louisiana at campus Lafayette (ULL), to transfer its 220 chimpanzees to a Sanctuary under construction in Georgia is the tip of iceberb, well hidden until recently, of the Primate Torture Industry in North American universities. Currently, the three university Torture Centers – […]

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GAP Project Germany joins International Campaign - May 15, 2016

GAP Denmark

Great Ape Project Germany, which maintains contact with GAP International and GAP Spain, joined the International Campaign for UNESCO to declare the great apes as Living World Heritage. GAP Germany is conducting a series of contacts with the German Green Party and the animalistic and ecological associations of the country, to support this initiative and […]

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New Web Tool Facilitates Joint Efforts to Protect Great Apes and Fight Climate Change - May 11, 2016


A web-based tool that superimposes maps of valuable underground carbon stocks with great ape distribution in Africa and Asia – thereby making the strongest possible argument for protecting both – was launched in April in Monrovia, Liberia, by the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) and the United Nations Collaborative Programme for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation […]

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GAP renews its board and continues to fight for basic rights of Great Apes - May 3, 2016

Paulina Bermudez y Pedro Pozas mini MX

Due to the need to strengthen the work in Europe, where the Great Ape Project is requesting signatures and support to UNESCO to recognize Great Apes as World Living Heritage, the board of directors of the organization, which has been fighting, for 17 years, to achieve the basic rights of great apes and their habitat […]

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Project GAP changes board of directors - April 27, 2016

Paulina Bermúdez y Pedro Pozas mini

In order to strengthen the work in Europe, where GAP has requested  UNESCO to declare the Great Apes as World Living Heritage, Pedro Pozas Terrados assumes the Presidency of GAP Project International and Paulina Bermúdez, GAP’s representative in Mexico, the Vice -presidency. I will continue to integrate the Board, as General Secretary, since the production of the site is based in […]

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Sanctuaries or showbiz: what’s the future of zoos? - April 18, 2016


While most zoos in the US and Europe have moved away from cramped cages the tension between displaying captive animals and a scientific purpose persists. By Oliver Milman, The Guardian It hasn’t been a great month for zoos and aquariums. Seaworld finally bowed to pressure to end its captive orca breeding program, three US zoos were […]

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A farewell to Mandy - March 29, 2016


“What do we live for; if it is not to make life less difficult for each other” – George Elliot Mandy (1975 – 2016) Mandy was one of the smallest and cutest chimpanzees we ever had the pleasure to know. She, like all of our older chimpanzee residents, was born in Africa. After being captured […]

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Tell UNESCO to recognize great apes as Living World Heritage - March 23, 2016


Bonobos, orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas are facing extinction. Please support the Great Ape Project’s call for UNESCO to recognize our closest relatives as a Living World Heritage before it’s too late. Know more and sign the petition here.

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An unexpected birth - March 17, 2016

Kyewunyo Ngamba Island mini

While still recovering from floods in recent weeks and after the measures of emergencies that have been taken to prevent the destruction of its facilities, the Primate Sanctuary of Ngamba Island, in Africa, witnessed an unexpected birth: an adolescent female chimpanzee, called Kyewunyo, gave birth to a baby girl, even having an implanted contraceptive, which apparently […]

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Judge of Mendoza, Argentina, decides to send Cecilia to Brazil - March 2, 2016


Judge Maria Alejandra Mauritius, from city of Mendoza, Argentina, decided within a process of Habeas Corpus, initiated by AFADA organization – Association Employees and Lawyers fighting for the rights of animals, that female chimpanzee Cecilia should be transferred to Great Primates Sanctuary of Sorocaba, affiliated to GAP Project. Cecilia, 19, lives alone in the zoo […]

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Open debate: should zoos exist? - February 24, 2016

animais em zoos ou circos

In the coming days, Rio de Janeiro City Hall will review, perhaps from private sources, proposals to lease the city’s Zoo, which is closed due to dozens of irregularities and mistreatment of animals, who sadly live there. The concept of zoos is completely outdated, but Brazil still insists they must exist, as places for humans fun and […]

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Boitatá Operation: the one million dollar snake - February 11, 2016


It was June 2011, Carlos Magno Abreu, environmental analyst at IBAMA (Brazilian Federal Environment Institute), better known as “Batata”, entered Zoonit, in Rio de Janeiro, in the operation of IBAMA supported by Federal Police to close that center of mistreatment and trafficking of animals. He stopped in front of the enclosure of the most famous […]

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Baron cannot go back to a cage - February 3, 2016

Ngamba Island (5)

This gentle and cheerful chimpanzee is again in danger of returning to a cage, as he has lived for years when used to be negotiated by a Ugandan dealer that neither gave him nutritious food. A rescue team of Ngamba Island Sanctuary had to ask for help from the police to release Baron of his […]

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The death of a solitary - January 20, 2016


We found him in the wagon of a traveling circus in a small town in Minas Gerais state in the company of a big black bear, with whom he shared that improvised home. His name was Bob. We brought him with his friend bear to the Great Apes Sanctuary of Sorocaba. On the first day […]

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The cleverness of a baby chimpanzee - January 12, 2016

Adaptação no recinto César e Susi2_302x200

In the heavy rains in Sorocaba area in the last few days, the Great Ape Sanctuary had its share. There were floods in the lakes and the great amount of water ran to the small river where they flow, becoming a heavy torrent. Thirteen years ago, we took Guga’s group, babies at the time, to this river to […]

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African sanctuary flooded - December 29, 2015


The floods that affect South America, especially this year, due to “El Niño” is also affecting Africa. Heavy rains are flooding large African areas and in recent days the Sanctuary of Ngamba Island, which hosts 48 chimpanzees in Uganda, also went into crisis. PASA – Pan-African Sanctuaries Alliance  had to help this sanctuary, since the facilities […]

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The hunt for bears: Terrorism in Florida - December 23, 2015


Almost 4000 hunters – 3779 – bought the license of the State of Florida put in sale between September and October to hunt 320 black bears, which for 21 years have been protected from murderous rage hunters – who seem more terrorists than anything else. Weeks before the “D” day to hunt bears, a large […]

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Chimpanzees: North-American drama - December 22, 2015


After the determination of NIH – US National Health Institute – of retiring all chimpanzees who belong to it and are distributed in various institutions of biomedical research, which were torture centers for these unfortunate for over 50 years, a dilemma is being openly debated, typical of an extreme capitalist country. At the Faculty of […]

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GAP Project wish you a Merry Christmas! - December 16, 2015

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The delicacy of chimpanzees - December 16, 2015

Dr. Pedro  com César e Jimmy 2015

One thing I have learned in my 15 years living with chimpanzees is to enjoy the delicacy they have when dealing with their similar or with humans that they trust. Through movies, testimonials, stories and even statements of primatologists who have never had the good fortune to live with these primates, it has been widespread […]

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