Ibiúna Sanctuary (São Paulo)

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It is the “youngster” GAP Brazil affiliated sanctuary. Its owners are Rubens and Claudia Fortes and nowadays it houses two young female chimpanzees that were rescued from a zoo that had been closed in Fortaleza due to the bad standards offered to animals. The installations are large, airy and have a lot of toys to cover the need of the two little ones, who have a lot of energy. The owners plan to expand the structure in order to receive other chimpanzees who might need a home in the future.

Our guests – Ibiúna


deby She was born in May, 17th, 2004 at Paraíso Perdido, a private zoo in Fortaleza, Ceará state. She is very observant, super active and has a strong personality. She protects his little sister Megh to the extreme. Her favorite hobby is to play tickling.



She was born in October, 17th, 2005 at Paraíso Perdido, a private zoo in Fortaleza, Ceará state. She is introspective, observant, loves children and likes to climb trees and spend hours playing on their tops. She is also very kind.

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