Affiliated Sanctuaries


GAP Project Brazil has four affiliated sanctuaries that houses more than 80 chimpanzees. All of them fulfill and offers more than the standards defined by Ibama of great primates’ enclosures, as long as the day-to-day routine showed that their needs go beyond the descriptions of the current Brazilian legislation.

The enclosures of the sanctuaries have an internal area with connection aisles and an external area with solariums, where the chimpanzees can play, run, socialize and exercise.

Get to know each sanctuary:

Sorocaba Sanctuary

santuario.sorocabaIt is the pioneer and the largest of the four sanctuaries. Planned and owned by Dr. Pedro Ynterian, this sanctuary gave a start to the activities of GAP Brazil in 2000…

Paraná Sanctuary

santuario.curitibaThe installations and structure of this sanctuary are inspired on British park The Monkey World, which turns it to be the more modern one in Brazil…

Vargem Grande Paulista Sanctuary

santuario.vargem_grandeIn 1998, Selma Mandruca, currently the national coordinator of GAP Brazil, and her mother, Sonia, bought Serginho, a baby chimpanzee, and they had plans to raise him as a pet…

Ibiúna Sanctuary (São Paulo)

santuario.ibiunaIt is the “youngster” GAP Brazil affiliated sanctuary. Its owners are Rubens and Claudia Fortes and nowadays it houses two young female chimpanzees that were rescued from a zoo …

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