GAP Mexico: Invictus – How a black bear helped end cruelty in Mexican circuses

In Mexico, it took the fight to end the cruelty of the circuses that exploit [...]

January 16, 2017 | Read more

Cost of imprisoned primates

The massacre and flight of human prisoners in Manaus prisons in the state of Amazonas, [...]

January 5, 2017 | Read more

GAP Project wishes all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a peacefull Christmas and a prosperous new year. And also lots of achievements for [...]

December 22, 2016 | Read more

Baby Chimp Makes New Friends While He Waits To Reunite With Mom

By Elizabeth Claire Alberts (The Dodo) Little Larry the chimp was a big surprise to [...]

December 19, 2016 | Read more

Orangutan in Zoo Who Refuses to be Caged Causes $200,000 Worth of Damage

Orangutans are incredible primates, they are highly social, emotional, and intelligent. Amazingly, orangutans share 97 [...]

December 14, 2016 | Read more

Fidel Castro: A fraud

TV show “Fantástico” (Globo channel) exhibited last Sunday, November 27 (watch here, in Portuguese), an [...]

November 29, 2016 | Read more

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How to help

Historic meeting (2013)
August 29, 2013 was a historic day for GAP Project in Brazil and worldwide, with the visit of Peter Singer, one of GAP’s founder, to GAP Sanctuary in Sorocaba.
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